Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Qatar Poems - Winter End Blues

I never mourned
the passing of winter
in years gone past
but here in Middle Eastern climes
The cool respite
Is a welcome interlude
From the unrelenting sun
and heat.

So farewell my quarterly friend
I will remember you
as the mercury rises
and the sweat drops
in the country of
the Desert bloom.

Note: I moved to Qatar in 2013 and survived my first Summer. I thought I would never be cold again and the heat in mid summer was relentless. You can hardly walk 10 steps without becoming drenched in sweat. The last 3 months have been very pleasant but as we enter Spring the temperatures are slowly rising, but I now have a different kind of Winter appreciation.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

To Do List Found Poetry

This poem was constructed from taking every 3rd word from the To Do list found on my desk today. Enjoy.

Issues templates Physician
35 Action Medical
Next Issues running
What Owens April a Analysis.

Weeks forward Surgeon retreat
CCC State One SME Manoj
Hyperion of match a out a clinicians
HR program to access 210

Is it poetry, I think it is, but feel free to differ. Experimental poetry is fun.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Combine - Enemy of True Education

The Combine - Enemy of True Education

The Combine
crushes and destroys
the spirits of our young
Learn to sit to stand
to take orders without
thought or conscience.

The Combine furthers
its grips on peon
humanity educating
them for its own interests.

Extinguishing the flame
of true learning
of creativity and
the interests of all
people on the earth.

From the Combine spews forth
pollution of thought and land
of peace
Making filthy lucre
from the misery of
the earths people.

But Look! here come
the forces of the home schooled
No longer bowing to the Beast,
Learning freely,
imbibing deeply from the fountains
of true learning.

Cleansed and purified of the
corrupting influences
of schools carrying out
the mandate of the evil,
of those who contaminate the
earth in the name of

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Life Suckers

They crush the spirits
from the children
making them sit up
O so quietly.

Keeping them away
from their natural
curiosity conforming
them to fit
in the constrained
mould of mediocrity.

How many Mozarts, Chopins
da Vincis and Einsteins
have we destroyed
by our passionless
education system.

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